Leather Repair and Restoration
Leather is a beautiful, strong, durable, and even fire resistant natural material. With proper care, leather articles, especially high quality leather furniture can last a long time (20 to 30 years). When embedded stains and damage such as cuts and holes mar your leather's beauty let our leather repair specialists restore it for you. Cracking, tears and rips will only get worse with neglect.

Ink Stains and Dye Transfer Stains
Sometimes ink or dye from a package, damp or wet clothes, or a newspaper leaves dye stains on you car seat or sofa. We can remove these ugly dye transfer stains and restore your upholstery. We can also remove permanent ink or marker (sharpie) stains, spot redyeing affected areas if necessary.

Cracking Leather
Embedded dirt and dryness can cause the surface pigment to crack and the color to fade. Before cracking has a chance to develop, call us and we will condition your leather,  If your leather furniture or your car seats are cracking already, call us to fix them for you. Our leather restoration will include a deep, professional leather conditioning.

Moving and Accidental Damage
When movers try to fit a large sofa or sectional through a tight doorway, they sometimes cause abrasions on the furniture. Cutting tight outside wrappings can result in cuts to the leather when the knife blade penetrates too deep and cuts the chair or couch as well. If this happens to you, call us and we will make the abrasions and cuts vanish.

Cat Scratches
Cats can damage leather furniture in many different ways. When their back claws dig in deep as they launch themselves off your chair or couch, you will often get puncture holes with threads from the back of the leather or from the padding. Some cats will treat your couch like their favorite scratching post, others can curl up on the sofa and never do any damage at all. The best policy is to keep cats off unless they are declawed or you are very sure they will not damage the leather. Once damage has occurred you need professional help. Our leather repair results are amazing but it is very important to call us as soon as the first scratches occur.

Dog Damage
Dog claws can cause deep scratches and gouges in leather. We can repair these. Some dogs, especially puppies, like to chew and rip leather. Some rip out large pieces of leather causing extensive and expensive damage. It is best to keep dogs off leather furniture and car seats and away from leather coats. If the damage is not too great we can fix it, but often the damage is so severe that several panels of leather will have to be replaced.

Zipper Repair
Most zippers we take in for repair need only a new slider body to get them working properly. Usually the slider body must be replaced when the pull tab is missing or when the zipper opens up behind the slider body when the zipper is being zipped.

Handbag Dyeing
A good leather handbag can be repaired and refinished. Your bag will look like new and you can get all your leather products repaired and refitted here, even your leather pants. Refinishing leather handbag includes, conditioning and color matching the handbag, then a water and stain protector treatment is applied to keep the handbag clean for a longer period of time. We can also change the color altogether, don't like the color you have, no problem bring it in and we can change the color to something that you can use. Re-grazing an alligator or croc skin is also an option. Work could also include replacing zippers, or replacing a portion that has got worn out and thereby matching the colors too. The counter person would direct you to the repair that are required. Any type of animal skin can be repaired and or refinished. So bring your favorite bag to us and we will make it look like new again.

Have an old favorite belt that you just don't want to get rid of, bring it in we can refinish it to make it look like new, or maybe you lost a couple of pounds, bring in the belt and we can re size it for you to fit perfectly.

Igor B. Mazor Photography